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Posted on: March 24, 2009 11:35 pm
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A New Way To Do the NFL Schedule

 It has been announced that the Steelers will host the Titans in the opening game for the NFL season on September 10, 2009.  I was hoping it would be the Ravens for several reasons not to take anything away from the Titans, in what they did last year and can possibly do this season as they will definitely be a playoffs favorite before the season begins.  However the reason I was hoping Baltimore would be the opening opponent at Heinz Field had several reasons, they played the AFC Title game against them, when they play it will be a hard hitting game, so 10 days rest between games would had been nice, but most of all I believe the first three games for each team should be against a divisional opponent.  The Ravens playing at Pittsburgh week one would had accomplished at least one divisional game vs a divisional opponent, not to say the NFL would had the Browns and Bengals next on the schedule.  I'm going to make a mock schedule using the Steelers and try and explain out my idea the best way I can. Trust me I will try and explain this out to keep confusion down for anyone who reads this as it could be somewhat complicated.

So first three weeks the Steelers since they got the mandantory home game to open would had hosted the Ravens.  Afterward they would had went to the Browns and then hosted the Bengals.  That would mean AFC North wise week one would had been Browns at Bengals and week 2 Bengals at Ravens and week 3 Ravens at Browns.  Each team meets each other in the division once as usually coming out of camp that is the healthiest an NFL team will be all year, so why not line them up against each other at about their fullest strength.  This means all NFC East, AFC East and all the other divisions play just divisional play first three weeks.

Week four would be one of the two uncommon opponent weeks.  By this I mean one of the two teams the Steelers play that the Ravens, Browns, and Bengals do not face.  This year the AFC North will play each other twice, once vs the NFC North and once vs the AFC West.  So the Steelers play one team from the AFC South and East.  This would be the week the Steelers host the Titans and the rest of the North would host an AFC South team. 

Weeks 5 and 6 would be two of the AFC West games the Steelers would play.  One would be on the road, other at home.  Week 5 would be at the Broncos and week 6 vs the Raiders.

Weeks 7-11 would be all 4 NFC opponents and the bye.  Weeks 7 and 8 would be one road game and one home game.  The Steelers would go to the Lions week 7, host the Vikings week 8. Week 9 for the following:  the AFC North, NFC North, AFC West and NFC East would have their bye.  Week 8, the AFC East, AFC South, NFC South and NFC West would have their bye.  Sure 16 teams for two weeks would limit the league to having only eight games for those two weeks, however this would feature teams pretty much nationally that rarely get that kind of exposure and it allows all teams to get their bye midway through the season and not penalizing good teams like last year both the Superbowl teams from the year before the Patriots and Giants had the week 4 bye, that is not right.

Weeks 10 and 11 Steelers finish the NFC playing at the Bears and the hosting the Packers

Week 12 the Steelers would play their second uncommon opponent going to the Dolphins.

Weeks 13 and 14 the Steelers would finish their AFC West schedule going to the Chiefs and hosting the Chargers.

The final three weeks of the season would be a reverse of weeks 1-3.  The Steelers would play at the Bengals week 15, host the Browns week 16 and then go to the Ravens week 17.  Most divisions have not been wrapped up by a team going into week 15 so this would leave it to the divisonal opponents to decide it themselves.  Also the final three weeks of the season if you are playoff bound you usually know what you have going in be it injury wise, and these three weeks you should be playing your best ball of the season so why not play that against divisional opponents.  So here would be the Steelers schedule for this up and comping season and picture just placing your team in and their respected common and two uncommon opponents they will face this year.

Week 1, vs Ravens; Week 2 at Browns, Week 3 vs Bengals, Week 4 vs Titans, Week 5 at Broncos, Week 6 vs Raiders, Week 7 at Lions, Week 8 vs Vikings, Week 9 bye, Week 10 at Bears, Week 11 vs Packers, Week 12 at Dolphins,  Week 13 at Chiefs, Week 14 vs Chargers,  Week 15 at Bengals, Week 16 vs Browns, and Week 17 at Ravens. 

Notice no three game road trips in a row, and no three game homestands.  Only a two game homestand and two games where the Steelers would have to travel in a row away from home.  Otherwise it is a home game then a road game and so on.  It could possibly work out where a team would have to play three road games and three home games in a row either going into or coming out of divisional play but that would be the only time and would affect limited teams.  Just an idea to kick around would like to hear any feedback on what you like or hate about the current computer generated NFL schedule and how do you like how your team it seems gets the same by week each year.  The Steelers it seems always have had their bye before week 6 and coming off the Superbowl win, they are pretty much a lock to have the week 4 bye this year.






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